Care Core

Leader: Sandra Zabaneh

God calls us to be a special kind of family.  For years, Care Core has been a critical part of the life of the First Church family.

Care Core currently comprises a group of 13 leaders, each one responsible to "stay in touch" with a list of members.  This lets us know of members who are ill or undergoing difficulty, who require some sort of help, or could just use a prayer, and to respond quickly and appropriately as a community.  Maintaining close personal contact lifts us all in the good times, too, enabling us to publicize and celebrate the joyous events in our communal and individual lives.

Care Core serves in many ways, wherever needed: visiting, providing transportation to church or medical appointments, preparing meals during a family crisis, doing light grocery shopping for the homebound, and serving refreshments after memorial services, just to name a few.


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