Music Director

Wonsun Clara Bae

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Clara is a multi-faceted pianist with extensive experience in solo concerts and collaboration with singers, instrumentalists, orchestras, ensembles, and dance performers. She possesses bilingual proficiency in German and Korean.
As an exceptional pianist, she brings insight to the compositions with strong knowledge of musical periods and styles.
Her teaching background includes private and secondary piano, music history and theory, sight-singing, and ear training, chamber music, able to extend to general musicianship studies.

Currently, Clara is pursuing a doctoral degree in collaborative piano with completed coursework in History of Musical Style, Pro-Seminar of Performance Practice before 18th-Century Music, Opera Workshop, Special Topic of Music Theory, Vocal and instrumental literature, Introduction of Musical Research, and Tonality since 1900. 
Her influential teachers include legendary pianists John Perry, Warren Jones, and Alexander Satz. 

Along with many other wonderful credentials Clara is a more than perfect addition as music director to our church and is loved by all.

  December 2021  
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