Grade: 6 - 12

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January 16:
Lesson 3: A Bunch of Ordinary, Imperfect People - The Bible is filled with stories of ordinary, imperfect people, including the four people we’ll examine in this week’s lesson: Isaac, Rebekah, Jacob, and Joseph.



January 23:
Lesson 1: Intro to Romans - This lesson will help your teenagers consider what the message of Jesus is and how it makes a difference in our lives.


January 30:
Lesson 2: Becoming a Friend of God - In this lesson your teenagers will explore what it means to be a friend of God.


February 6:
Lesson 3: Love, Give, Serve - This lesson examines three areas where living a Jesus-centered life causes changes to occur naturally. As teenagers draw closer to Jesus, they can see these changes in how they love, how they are g...


More Than The Red Letters

February 13:
Lesson 1: How the Old Testament Points to Jesus - This lesson will help students discover that Jesus’ presence is evident throughout the entire Bible—we can “see” him in the Old Testament, if we understand what we’re looking for.


February 20:
Lesson 2: How Jesus Pointed Back to the Old Testament -
This lesson will help your teenagers appreciate how Jesus knew and loved Scripture, and how he used the truth of the Old Testament to point people toward the truth about him.


February 27:
Lesson 3: Knowing the Bible Helps You Know Jesus- Reading both the Old Testament and New Testament helps us see who Jesus really is, what he really did, and how much he really loves each of us.